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How does a diamond come to existence?

A diamond. Beautiful, shiny, capturing all the colours in the light. Precious and priceless. When you hit it with a hammer, the hammer will break and not the diamond. So hard, so strong. But where does a diamond originally come from?

Diamonds come to existence in various ways. If you search YouTube, then you will find diverse methods. From big, freezing cold, open mines in Russia, where they break the ground with tons of explosives to boiling hot open mines in Africa where by hand, bucket after bucket will be searched. Every time looking for that single stone – the diamond. When I was looking for the origin of the diamond I even found a method where diamonds are being made in a laboratory. Fascinating.

Questions to Chapter 15

  • What have you learnt?
  • What would you like to see shine more?
  • What does 'pressure' mean to you (think of the idea of the diamond)?
  • What does 'temperature' mean to you *thin of the idea of the diamond)?

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