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Investing through people

Of course, we want everybody in church to contribute. Whether a church has hired people or is not so formalized – the common denominator is that every believer has got gifts, talents, and qualities, and that these might be put into practice in the congregation. When you read the first chapters of the book of Acts you get the strong impression that everyone was involved – shoulder to shoulder, together for Jesus. Do we see – when we look into the mirror with ourselves and our congregation – the same picture?

Thinking in different groups/group sizes gives a handle on how to use everyone actively. Within the different groups everyone can cooperate. Everyone has a task and that is just as important – there arises a path along which gifts and talents can be developed.

Questions to Chapter 6

  • To do: Complete the table below for your situation.
  • Reflect on this. What does this mean? What does this tell you?

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