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My dream

I have a dream, and in my dream I see a man. Let’s call him Ludwig.

Ludwig has known Jasper for about half a year. Jasper and Ludwig live in each other’s neighborhood, But they haven’t really met. they just greet one another and have no further conversations. a while ago, Jasper asked if they could take a walk together twice a week – Just chatting, moving and enjoying the surroundings.  at first ludwig held back a bit, but eventually he accepted. now they walk every week. And pretty soon, Jasper notices that hidden beneath everything, ludwig is a person who struggles with life. Ludwig has a good job, but his marriage Isn't working out. his wife has a couple of girlfriends that she could talk with, but Ludwig has no one. A lot has gone on in his family and he feels alone. If God is love, why hasn't things gone a bit better in his life? Would God see him?

Questions to Chapter 8

  • Question: What is your dream?

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