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We offer churches a journey where we help implement these concepts.

Over a period of about 4-6 months we journey through a series of phases where we look for change not on a surface-level, but much more on a deeper, heart level. Why do we do the things the way we do them? Is that what Jesus intended? Where do we focus? Why?

Too often a new program of tools is applied without looking into the deeper reasons and beliefs, that is exactly what this is NOT about. This journey is developed together with “the movement leaders collective” (MLC) that we work together with and has proven to be a blessing to many churches already.

The end-result of this is not a changed ‘surface-level’ appearance, a new program, a new tool. Rather it is a looking into motives, beliefs and sources and re-aligning these with Jesus. It is about opening our hands and coming to Jesus that way. Praying, knowing we are dependent on Him.

This journey is always specific and tailored to your church. The time-line for this is somewhere between 2 and 4 months initially. The whole process does take longer of course. We see this as a journey where we travel together and take things loosely. We are open to adjust along the way. Please contact us for more information. It all starts with a call or e-mail - who knows where it will end.

Contact us to learn more about the church training journey

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