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The diamond of discipleship is a project that is aimed to help churches. The materials and tools that have been developed all aim for that, but they are not finished. Just like a diamond does have many facets this diamond of discipleship can have a lot more.

This project is a project where I invite you to join. I believe in co-creation. Creating together. Building together. Share together and learn from each-other. 

I invite you to join in one of these ways:

  • Give us your feedback on what is now. What helped you? What rings true to you? Where do you see movement? Where is blessing? share your experience and allow others to join in your blessing. Of course we’re also open to hear what is missing, what can we do better, etc. Together we can build this into something that is of greater blessing for churches.
  • Help us to build on what we have now. Join writing the book, present a case study - how did you bring all of this into practice. Tips. Tricks. Articles. Deepening and flashing out. Like a diamond needs to be polished we would also like this diamond of discipleship to be polished and made better by many contributors.

I would love to hear from you!

We don’t claim to have it all together with this diamond of discipleship. We only think we have something - a framework - that can be of help to the church. We did our best to make everything available easily so that you can have a go with it, so that you can start. However with your input it can be better, more complete, and be or greater blessing.

Join us in this journey!


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