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Alan Hirsch

Award winning writer on missional leadership, organization, and spirituality.  Founder of Movement Leaders Collective, Forge Missional Training Network, and the 5Q Collective

Mart-Jan understands that discipleship and disciple-making is a critical discipline that needs to be rediscovered if the church is to survive let alone thrive in any context.

This is a very well thought out book with tons of practical tools and pathways. What’s not to like?

Rich Robinson

Catalyst and Coach, MLC and 5Q Team Leader

"In the age of information and technology, Mart-Jan stands out as one who has pioneered and expressed discipleship as practitioner, in relationships, on the ground. All of his wisdom, insight, framework, and flow of this text comes from the wisdom from on-the-ground life, leadership and learning. There is a wonderful mix within the book that takes the reader up to 10,000ft in the clouds all the way down to 1ft in the dirt.  I can highly recommend Mart Jan as a leader and would recommend the book to help in one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century which echoes back to the challenge that Jesus gave us - to be a disciple who makes disciples."

Craig Greenfield

Leader, founder Alongsiders International, author

"Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. The Diamond of Discipleship is a simple and practical toolkit that has the potential to revolutionize discipleship in your church.

Join the movement.

Change the world."

Isaäc Wolters

Pioneer in the north, disciple maker, missionary.

"The title itself does say so much. It speaks about the place discipleship has in Mart-Jan’s life. It says so much about his desire for discipleship to take more shape in Europe. I discovered myself that - when I was reading the book - discipleship is truly the most beautiful diamond we as Christians can find. It is my heart's desire that this book will help you discover that, but most of all that you will be able to answer that important question “who do you disciple?”."

André Meulmeester

Senior pastor Christian community ‘de Wegwijzer’ in Almere

"It was not so long ago when I found out something disturbing. Our church has well grown in numbers over the past years. We built a new building, wrote more programs and renewed our vision to reach every citizen in this city. Than the crisis came.

Our successes proved to be not strong enough and the structure insufficient. When all fell apart we found out that we had not been making disciples well enough. We had not been able to root ourselves into Christ and into each other well enough. I am thankful that we receive a second chance.

This crystal clear book can be a great help to us. Not a new model but a very well lived through re-focussing at the Jesus way. He is our source for disciple making."

Philip Nunn

Missionary, author, speaker and elder in ‘de Bron’ Eindhoven

"Our way of living in Europe has become very individualistic. Focus on personal development and seeking one’s personal happiness are huge drivers for this individualisation. And the same is true for the church. My spiritual gifts. My service. My spiritual experiences. My future. The list goes on.

In this book Mart-Jan does a good job promoting the need for relationship: we need to do discipleship relationally - just like Jesus did. The different sides of the diamond show us that are many different ways to do so. Find your own style and follow inspiring examples like Moses, Paul and - of course - Jesus Himself."

Elmer Verweij

Coordinator youth-work with Youth for Christ the Netherlands

"Mart-Jan does a great job in unpacking the generally used term ‘discipleship’ into practical principles that we can all apply and use. A diamond indeed!

The movement that he heads-up does know a thing or two about this too. Very practical and inspiring. Bottom-line it comes down to the ‘doing’. And, honestly, that is where things often lack, so step out and go do it. I know Mart-Jan, he is an inspirator and networker; you will feel that while reading his book. Practical tools, sketches, and pictures will help you get going. The clarity and fresh examples will encourage you. So, let’s do it - follow Jesus and make disciples like He did."

Betty Langeler

Missionary, lecturer at the VIAA theological seminary

"Discipleship. Something that filled sermons and books and thus has the potential to make us tired of and perhaps a bit allergic to yet another book. Mart-Jan however puts a finger to where things are de-railed when it comes to actually living out discipleship. Many of us know about it, only a few actually do it, and it is even less embedded in the structures of our faith communities.

This book creates some direction to learning in relation to each other as the basis for our living and believing together. For myself the metaphor of the diamond gives focus on the ontological aspects for us as followers of the Way. We see and are reflected in the light: connected we ourselves reflect, we are image-bearers of God and His creation. The diamond also gives many different aspects showing the diversity and spectrum of colours. When we’re on the move, many lights twinkle - darks and lights appear and disappear again. Enough talking, now how to do all of this - that is why we have this twinkling book. Enjoy!"

René Visser

Director R3NEW communities, community developer

"In this easy-to-read book, Mart-Jan puts the finger to something important. Growing into the image of Jesus is a beloved topic for sermons and books but the oh-so-important key of one on one relationships is - both in theory as in our practice - often overlooked. I truly hope that this book - with the metaphor of the diamond - will help churches, communities, community-develop projects and other projects in rediscovering the power and strength of small. His call is inspiring! Let’s value this diamond well, let’s experience it together and let’s not forget to celebrate and enjoy."

Mounia Dollison

Teamleader for Youth for Christ in Almere

"Mart-Jan lives and breaks discipleship. His passion and drive to share Jesus with people (and especially youth) is contagious. He puts you to a halt. He will give you moments of reflection. And you find yourself looking for ways to pass-on his enthusiasm to others. In a very understandable way he paints the picture of how disciple-making could look like and how we can follow Jesus with everything we are. I hope this book will challenge you, your church, and your (whatever-you-call-it) group and all of your on-to-one relations.

After reading I was quiet for a while. I re-thought how intentional I was when it comes to disciple-making. May this book be a disturbing blessing to you. Enjoy!"

Daniël Vaders

Theology student at the VIAA theologicalseminary

"This book very clearly highlights the core of what discipleship is all about. I have had the privilege to see the impact of this discipleship at Alongsiders first-hand. The church and the world around us needs Christians that will be brave enough to live out this radical way of discipleship. This way God wants to use us to restore the broken relationships we see around in all caused by the fall. Jesus is our example and source for strength. Believing is a verb - as is discipleship. The diamond is a fantastic metaphor to combine the insights about discipleship. My desire is that this diamond will twinkle more and more for God’s glory. You in?"


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