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The diamond - the model

The front of the diamond of discipleship

I think in pictures. And when I think about a diamond I immediately get the picture in my head of a reversed triangle with a kind of crown on it. Some lines that gather together in a point on the bottom, et voilà. You get the picture? That’s a diamond.

The top of the diamond of discipleship

But there’s another dimension to this picture. When you would look at the diamond from above you would see a hexagon or ‘a-many-more-gon’. A kind of round form but then broken in a multitude of facets. Many facets. Do you get the picture? That’s a diamond and I want to also use this picture to think about discipleship. This is “the diamond of discipleship”.

Questions to Chapter 1

  • This chapter does not have any specific questions, but how do you reflect on both sides of the diamond?
  • What resonates with you?
  • What is your expectation? Your dream? Your prize?

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