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The group of 100

Different group sizes:

The group of 100

It is 09:12 Sunday morning. The doors are open and slowly people trickle in. Some are chatting, others shuffle into the big hall and seek a PLACE TO HOVER. People enjoy some small talk, others look around a bit – who is there and who isn’t? Right on time, 10:00 PM, the service Begins. The pastor welcomes everyone, the music starts, everyone rises and the space is filled with worship. One lifts his hands, another stands with eyes closed, another one looks around and thinks “how wonderful that I am allowed to belong to the body of Christ, the congregation, the church. Wow”.

Dig deeper

For every groupsize (or social space) we look at 'involvement', 'investing through people' and 'openness & accountability'. Clicks the links hereunder to discover more.

Questions to Chapter 2

  • What does the group of 100 look like in your setting?
  • Do you belong to a group of 100? How is that?
  • How do you experience discipleship in the group of 100?

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