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The emotional dimension

Different (holistic) dimensions:

The emotional dimension

The emotional dimension has everything to do with the fact that we can feel. Glad, angry, afraid, and sad. Emotions. And these emotions are being addressed through all kind of things.

A child that falls and lays motionless scares us, a movie in which the hero makes everything alright again after everything seemed to go wrong gives us a happy, relieved feeling. Our emotions can be disturbed. What frightens you is not necessarily based on truth. That what makes you angry can just as well come forth from a rising up against iniquity as from pure selfishness. The question is: how do we test our emotions? What do we let our emotions triggered by, and – just as important – what do we do with them?

The question is not if our emotions do something with us. The question is what our emotions do with us and how do we subsequently deal with them.

Questions to Chapter 11

  • What do you need to grow in the emotional dimension?
  • How are you going to grow in the emotional dimension?

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