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The physical dimension

Different (holistic) dimensions:

The physical dimension

We are people of flesh and blood. Jesus was also a Man of flesh and blood. It was just that flesh and blood that He gave on the cross. It was with that flesh and blood that the bread and wine speaks of at the Communion.

Our physical being is of enormous value. Jesus bought us for a great price and that’s why we are totally His. Not just our spirit and soul, but certainly also our bodies, our physical being. It is not without reason that Paul cites this and refers to it when  after all, we were bought dearly, quite an urgent and firm call.

Of course, it's not a question whether we are a physical being. The question is, who made us physical beings? The question is about ownership. Do we realize that we – body and all – belong to Jesus?

Questions to Chapter 12

  • What do you need to grow in the physical dimension?
  • How are you going to grow in the physical dimension?

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