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The group of 10

Different group sizes:

The group of 10

Wednesday night, 19:55 PM. The doorbell rings, JUST AS IT DID 6 times before that. Slowly but surely a group of people trickle into apartment no. 10, all with a little bag or Bible in their hand. IF you SECRETLY peek through the kitchen window you would see them sitting together and praying, PERHAPS WITH their Bibles opened while discussing something. SOME DAYS they are simply together, enjoying each others company. OTHERS, you see straight and serious faces. they meet every two weeks, SOMETIMES here and then at someone else’s place. Rogier is one of those men who comes every time. he calls it his ‘home group’ when you ask him about it.

Dig deeper

For every groupsize (or social space) we look at 'involvement', 'investing through people' and 'openness & accountability'. Clicks the links hereunder to discover more.

Questions to Chapter 3

  • What does the group of 10 look like in your setting?
  • How do you experience discipleship in the group of 10?
  • Are you part of a group of 10? Why or why not?

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