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The one on one

Different group sizes:

The one on one

It is Friday afternoon at the coffeehouse “de groene koffieboon” (the green coffee bean). Xavier Is waiting for Jelle, his ‘buddy’. Normally Jelle is always a bit late, but this gives Xavier a moment of time to be quiet. Every Friday they Meet here – and they have had many good conversations already over coffee. Jelle, a young man of age 23, has problems with his pornography addiction. He wants it to change, but It's been difficult. Now he has weekly coffee meetings with Xavier (happily, they can find a quiet corner). Xavier has already noticed a big difference.

Dig deeper

For every groupsize (or social space) we look at 'involvement', 'investing through people' and 'openness & accountability'. Clicks the links hereunder to discover more.

Questions to Chapter 4

  • What does the one on one look like in your setting?
  • How do you live out the one on one in your life?
  • How important do you think is the one on one relationship? Why?

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